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Economics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 2

Economics - Essay Example For example: a company that has an ice cream machine that usually produces 40 boxes of 1 pint of ice cream a day was able to produce as much as 80 boxes of 1 pint of ice cream a day by cutting on ‘down-time’ due to machine breakdown caused by lack of machine maintenance. It could also refer to the application of a special device in a machine in order to enhance its speed and therefore increase the volume of production. Another way is to maximize the use of manpower by establishing a short and clear chain of command within the business organization. Therefore, it is possible to avoid the incidence of employing too much unnecessary employee in the crowd. In order to achieve economies of scale, a good management is essential. Basically, it is the managers and supervisors who suggests and/or make critical decisions in order to maximize the daily fixed costs (such as labour costs and over-time pay and electricity costs) of the company. These are also the same group of people who are responsible in cutting down the number of ‘rejections’ in a production line. Minimizing the number of ‘rejections’ can indirectly increase the company’s profitability by ‘cutting down the unnecessary opportunity losses’ and ‘prevent avoidable expenses’ on the part of the company. Q.2 Explain how changes in the equilibrium price and quantity are influenced by the elasticity of demand and supply. Explain the difference between a shortage and a surplus and discuss why either might occur. Basically, the market equilibrium price and quantity is the point where the quantity supplied is equal to the quantity demanded. The said equilibrium point changes when there is an imbalance between the demand and supply. For example: if the demand for a certain goods is above the supply, the price of goods will automatically go up to a certain point where a new equilibrium point will be created. Likewise, if the supply

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Food, Inc Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Food, Inc - Essay Example coli is the corn that the cows are fed. It is quite cheap and dangerous for health. The content of E. coli in the cow’s guts increases when they feed on the corns. In order to regulate the effect of increased E. coli level, the meat packers often tend to cleanse the meat by treating it with ammonia so that it becomes suitable for human consumption. Food borne illnesses resulting from the consumption of contaminated food are increasingly putting millions of Americans in hospitals every year. The number of Americans that are admitted into hospitals every year is 325,000 approximately and those who die because of the diseases caused by contaminated food consumption every year are about 5000 (The Center for Ecoliteracy 39). The toddler Kevin in Food, Inc. who is only two years old becomes sick because of Escherichia E. coli. Escherichia E. coli is a bacterial group which is found in the intestines of many birds, animals and also humans. Usually, many E. coli benefit us by decompos ing the food that we in-take and facilitate its digestion, though serious infections may be caused by some strains that may in turn, cause bloody diarrhea, cramps in the stomach, failure of kidney and sometimes, it may result into the death of the affected person. People may acquire the bacteria of E.

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Social Illness - Islam Is the Best Solution Essay Example for Free

Social Illness Islam Is the Best Solution Essay If Maher Zain stands on the stage to praise the Almighty in his song , If Datuk Dr. Fadzillah Kamsah gives his powerful words to motivate us but me , will deliver you a nice speech as it is also a good reminder to us entitled ‘Islam as the best solution for social illness’. First and foremost , I bid you Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh to the honourable judges , the punctual timekeeper , teachers and fellow friends . Please lend me your ears on this delightful morning . Let me define first the meaning of social and illness . According to Oxford Dictionary defines social as activities in which people meet other for pleasure . While , illness is the state of being physically or mentally ill. So, social illness can be noted as the illness or the problems created by the human kind in the society related to the immoral behaviour. Members of the floor , On the 4th June 1981 people throughtout the world have been surprised with the presence of new virus which is known as HIV . Althought the virus has killed about millions of people in this world , scientist still cannot find any vaccine to treat this problem . However , how many of us are trying to find the vaccine for the virus of social ills, although it has been spread widely since hundred years ago ? It is possible if we have found the vaccine for social ills before the black day , 4th June 1981 ; the HIV may not spread throughout this world . This is because the HIV virus had been firstly detected from a couple of homosexual in America . A popular saying goes . , ‘’ it is as well to know which ways the winds blows ‘’ , as it is better to know first the cause of the social illness before we eagerly take precautions steps . For my view, lack of religious education among Malaysians is the underlying factor for this problem as we knew that none of the religions in this world ask their follower to be a bad person . It is important to gives religious education to our children as early as 3 or 4 years old as there goes a saying ‘‘ spare the rod and spoil the child ’’, the children who are never been disciplined will grow up to be bad . It is definitely wrong if modernism parents think that religious education is not important in order to create a shining future for their children as religious education is like a barrier in their heart to prevent them from doing something bad such as playing truant . Members of the floor , Other that that, it is believed that family crisis is one of the main factors for the disease . The children will be so depressed with the problem and they will do ‘something’ to release their tension . Majority parents from this kind of family are usually not taking care much on their children’s situation as they are more preferring to solve their own problems . The children felt free to do anything without parental concerned sich as clubbing and racing . This is not good for them as they may meet more bad companies that can lead them to worst social problems . Last but not least , this problem is also caused by the peer factor. In 24 hours a day , the children spent their time more with their peers than with others and that is why peers have great influence in their children’s behavior . As teenagers are too young , sometimes they cannot consider their decision correctly . They will follow all their peers’ behavior even they know their peers are not good ones as they think that their peers will exclude them if they do not follow what their peers do. To round off , the social ills in Malaysia are getting worse to worst nowadays. As you can see here , I keep focusing on their children and teenagers in Malaysia as the number of social ills gradually increasing among them . We , as the future leader of our mother land should take all the necessary steps to solve this problem. It is our responsibility to produce the free-social-ills-next-generation . Remember , ‘’preventing is better than cure ’’. With that I end my speech with Wa billahi Taufiq Wal hidayah Wassalamu Alaikum wbt . Thank you .

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The Need for a Systems Development Process Essay -- Business Managemen

The Need for a Systems Development Process   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The process is needed to address business needs and opportunities in a systematic and methodical manner that maximizes potential benefits while mitigating risks. It is a methodology that takes into account all aspects of existing processes, identifying its weaknesses and bringing opportunities light.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  At a fairly early stage, the feasibility of the project is examined and the powers that be are given the opportunity to nip potentially disastrous projects before they can soak up too much cash.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Additionally, the process refrains from a potentially costly commitment to a particular physical solution by focusing on the logical model before formulating alternatives.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The process also ensures that the project remains on track and on focus thereby reducing the tendency for scope-creep. Mechanisms built into the process allow for control and oversight. And the paper trail generated in the faithful adherence to this process allows for a historical trace and is also the framework of the system documentation. What situations occur when system development fails?   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The most egregious situation, in my opinion, that could develop would be that an enormous amount of capital is unknowingly poured into an unfeasible solution. Almost as bad would be if the same money were to be spent on a project that does not appropriately address the business concern for which it was intended. The implantation phase could...

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The Killer Angels

â€Å"The Killer Angels† written by Michael Shaara in 1974, published by Ballantine Books, is a story showing the courage and heroism of people involved in the Battle of Gettysburg that took place in 1863. The novel presents the battle in an objective manner, and does not take sides when displaying the position of the two armies on the subject of slavery. It is an outstanding book and is worth reading due to the presence of real characters. In other words, the characters have been brought to life and the audience not only gets to learn about the battle itself, but also about the views and opinions of the participants.One of the most interesting methods is how Shaara presents the narrative through the viewpoints of army personnel, which makes the events come to life. The results are well rounded characters, detailed imagery, and an objectivity that didn’t label either side as the hero. Michael Shaara first developed a passion for writing when he was in grade school. Afte r graduation, Shaara joined the armed forces where he served as a paratrooper for the 82nd Airborne Division, a seaman, and police officer.In 1951, he graduated from Rutgers University with a bachelor's degree and continued his educational process by engaging in some graduate work at Columbia University and the University of Vermont. After publishing many science fiction novels Shaara begin to take on larger project such as writing war novels. In The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara, vivid imagery, details, and insightful character development reveal the differences between the Union army and the Confederacy. These two armies have different causes for fighting, but the main cause for the war is slavery.This key issue sparked the war. The Confederacy is fighting for independence from the North, yet the Union is fighting for freedom and an end to slavery. The thesis of this novel in my opinion reads as, although we are soldiers that are highly trained and motivated war still is a const ant struggle in our everyday lives and the lives of our families. War is never easy and we engage in this job for the loyalty, courage, selfless service, duty, honor, integrity and personal courage to stand and protect this place we call home.The main point isn’t primarily focused on displaying the soldiers’ reasons for fighting the war, but Shaara wants to focus on the soldiers as individuals and how they cope with the stress of being in a war zone. At times, history books show the impact from such an objective point of view that the experience itself isn’t made easily understood by students or readers. Shaara gives life to the events and allows the audience to emotionally engage with individuals  involved in it by the arrangement of his powerful words.Providing us with a more personalized understanding of a war from which we are otherwise removed. The main values that Shaara personally incorporated was Selfless Service he took it upon himself to write at boo k specifically detailed to highlight a soldier’s point of view. Honor is another value outlined by Shaara the way that he states how the officers talk to the soldiers and explain how they can make a difference not only in the community that they live but in the world shows that both parties exhibit honor to be viewed as soldier whether union or confederate.Personally, I agree with the thesis outlined by this author because you never read in the history books or gain an understanding of the aspects of the soldier, the strain that they undergo or the risks that they take that can impact their lives. They do all of this not by placing self first, but the welfare of you the people. I understand because being a soldier is not easy you not only impact your self but the love ones around you, it really does take one dedicated individual to engage in this job as a soldier.

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Writing Sentences for Beginners

Here are four types of sentences to begin writing in English. Follow the example in each type of sentence. Learn these symbols to understand each type of sentence. These symbols represent parts of speech in English. Parts of speech are the different types of words in English. Key to Symbols S subject   Subjects include I / you / he / she / it / we / they and names of people: Mark, Mary, Tom, etc. or types of people: children, students, parents, teachers, etc. V verb   Simple sentences use the verb ‘be’ such as: I am a teacher. / They are funny. Verbs also tell us what we do:  play / eat / drive etc. or what we think: believe / hope / want etc. N noun   Nouns are objects such as books, chair, picture, computer, etc.  Nouns have singular and plural forms:  book - books, child - children, car - cars, etc. Adj   Adjective Adjectives tell how someone or something is. For example:  big, small, tall, interesting, etc.   Prep P   Prepositional phrase Prepositional phrases tell us where someone or something is. Prepositional phrases are often three words and begin with a preposition: For example:  in the house, at the store, on the wall, etc. ()   Parentheses If you see something in parentheses () you can use the type of word, or leave it out. Start off Easy: Sentences with Nouns Here is the first type of easy sentence. Use the verb to be. If you have one object, use a or an before the object. If you have more than one object, dont use a or an. S be (a) N I am a teacher.She is a student.They are boys.We are workers. Exercise: Five Sentences with Nouns On a piece of paper write five sentences using  nouns. Next Step: Sentences with Adjectives The next type of sentence uses an adjective to describe the subject of a sentence. Do not use a or an when the sentence ends in an adjective. Do not change the form of the adjective if the subject is plural or singular. S be Adj Tim is tall.They are rich.This is easy.We are happy. Exercise: Five Sentences with Adjectives Use adjectives to write five sentences.   Combine: Sentences with Adjectives   Nouns Next, combine the two types of sentences. Place the adjective before the noun it modifies. Use a or an with singular objects, or nothing with plural objects. S be (a, an) Adj N He is a happy man.They are funny students.Mary is a sad girl.Peter is a good father. Exercise: Five Sentences with Adjectives Nouns Use adjectives nouns to write five sentences.   Add Prepositional Phrases to Your Sentences The next step is to add short prepositional phrases to tell us where someone or something is. Use a or an or use the  before a noun or adjective noun if the object is singular and specific. The is used when something specific is understood by the person writing and the person reading the sentence. Notice that some sentences are written with adjectives and nouns, and others without. S be (a, an, the) (adj) (N) Prep P Tom is in the room.Mary is the woman at the door.There is a book on the table.There are flowers in the vase. Exercise: Five Sentences with Prepositional Phrases Use prepositional phrases to write five sentences.   Start Using Other Verbs Finally, use other verbs than be to express what happens or what people think. S V   (a, an, the) (adj) (N) (Prep P) Peter plays the piano in the living room.The teacher writes sentences on the board.We eat lunch in the kitchen.They buy food at the supermarket. Exercise: Five Sentences with Prepositional Phrases Use other verbs to write five sentences.

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Differences Between Ontological And Epistemological...

Different epistemologies? So far it seems that there are differences in questions the two research methods answer. It is necessary now to consider whether they imply different epistemologies, as this is often argued to be the case. For example, Schwartz-Shea and Yanow (2002: 480) claim that while qualitative-quantitative dichotomy is erroneous because both count and interpret, they do so with different understandings of what this means for their study and knowledge, and that â€Å"The more appropriate taxonomy today would be one that reflects differences in ontological and epistemological presuppositions†. For Yilmaz (2013: 312), quantitative research strictly has an objectivist epistemology and qualitative research a constructivist one.†¦show more content†¦First, ethnographies emphasise the point of view of the actor. However, as Becker (1996: 57-8) argues, this a technical rather than an epistemological point. All researchers need to interpret actions and guess meanings. What separates quan titative questionnaires and ethnography is only that ethnographers demand more accuracy in interpretation. But as Becker (1996: 59) notes, ‘†don’t make up what you could find out† hardly requires being dignified as an epistemological or philosophical position’. Second, as Bryman (1984) discusses, it is sometimes argued based on epistemologies that one research method is better than another because it revealed something that another one did not when asking the same questions. Yet there is no logic here in knowing which result is correct, and even if there was, the question being the same, we can only conclude that the research method suited the question better. Third, it is also argued that the epistemologies differ because qualitative research is exploratory and quantitative verify these explorations. This, however, in fact suggests same epistemological assumptions, because then to actually know anything that qualitative research suggests, quantitativ e verification is needed. Thus, to re-emphasise, this essay argues with Martin Trow (1957: 33) that â€Å"different kinds of information about man and society are gathered most fully and economically inShow MoreRelatedConflict Between Believer And The Unbeliever1085 Words   |  5 Pagesgeneral agreement concerning every scientific investigation, which should proceed in full consciousness from a specific starting point that in theology is the ontological Trinity. Kuyper acknowledges that around the epistemological investigation of the phenomena, there is a particular area of common territory without methodological dispute between the believer and the unbeliever. Thus, according to Kuyper’s view, there are three territories in which both the believers and unbelievers’ interpretationRead MoreIn Philosophy, There Are Going To Be Some Agreements And1393 Words   |  6 Pagesperspectives on the relationship between mind and body, and God and free will. Maria, there is no fast way to explain all of this as this takes time, so please brace yourself as I hope to provide you with a better understanding of the agreements/similarities and disagreements/differences between the two philosophers’. Similarities Descartes and Spinoza do relate with one another in some instances but they have very few similarities between making the connection between mind and body. Their shared viewsRead More Philosophy for Children Essay3725 Words   |  15 Pagespromoting critical thinking and encouraging an obligation to ones fellow inquirer. As such the concept of COI attempts to address contemporary challenges to education to produce better thinkers and more caring members of society who can tolerate differences at the same time they can submit conflicts to reasonable scrutiny. In a COI all participants must respect one another as thoughtful persons who seek communally to better understand the issue at hand. In describing the COI as central to philosophicalRead MoreIs Medicine A Ethical?3350 Words   |  14 Pageseducation it has long been held that the child negotiates a series of stages before reaching the mature status of an adult. Recent theory has reflected critically on the various posited developmental schema, which are now regarded less commonly as ontological stages through which a child inevitably passes, with privileged and clearly defined goals at the end. Rather, they are understood as logical types representing alternative modalities or structures of interaction which can cohere simultaneously inRead MoreEssay on A Philosophy of the Impersonal5155 Words   |  21 Pagesassert the value of human life as such. Leaving aside differences in ideology as well as specifically staked-out theoretical positions, no one doubts the relevance of the category of person or challenges it as the unexamined and incontrovertible presupposition of every possible perspective. This tacit conv ergence with regard to the category of person is especially obvious in a hotly debated field like bioethics. Truth be told, the debate between Catholics and secularists turns on the precise momentRead MoreThe Last Samurai: Hollywood and Orientalism2947 Words   |  12 Pagesin nature; composed by people who write, teach, and research on the â€Å"orient.† (Said, 1978, 4) Secondly, â€Å"Orientalism is also a style of thought based on an ontological and epistemological distinction between â€Å"Orient† and more often than not the â€Å"Occident† (Said, 1978, 5). In other words, Orientalism creates, through the binary opposition between the East and West, a means for dealing and understanding the Orient, and western self-understanding through opposing itself against the â€Å"Other.† (Said, 1978Read MoreLeadership in a Community9896 Words   |  40 Pagessimilarity can be recognized among sectors; yet at what point is there an epistemological/ontological flaw? McCauley and Hughes give their impression: Because the nonprofit sector has some unique characteristics, we cannot necessarily generalize research results on corporate managers to managers in this sector. Nonprofit organizations missions, governance structures, funding sources, and reliance on volunteers create differences in their internal dynamic and external relationships.3 This generalizedRead MorePhenomenological: Qualitative Research and Research Methodology9542 Words   |  39 Pagesagainst empiricism, as it is more than merely empirical. Giorgi (1997, p. 236) Giorgi (1995) discusses what phenomenology can offer the science of psychology. He describes qualitative inquiry techniques as arising in reaction to a discrepancy between the natural scientific framework (adopted by psychologists as being the only scientific framework that is considered useful), and the essential characteristics of human phenomena as they spontaneously unfold in everyday life. He argues that becauseRead MoreRegulation Standardising Accounting Practice8632 Words   |  35 Pagesframework by the professional bodies. In Australia much of the thrust for regulation has been captured by the law – CLERP. To date there has been an attempt to integrate professional and legal regulation of the discipline with considerable cooperation between those involved. There was, in the United States in the 1920s, in keeping with the spirit of the times, tremendous optimism leading to the widespread purchasing of shares (stock) in companies. Shares were purchased like many other commodities ratherRead MoreBourdieu What Makes A Social Class7818 Words   |  32 PagesWhat Makes a Social Class? On The Theoretical and Practical Existence Of Groups* By Pierre BoQrdieu It would be easy and tempting to deride the topic of this symposium and to uncover the presuppositions it conceals under its apparent neutrality. But if you will allow me just one criticism of the way it formulates the question of social class, it is that it misleads one to believe that this problem can be reduced to a simple choice and resolved by a few common-sense arguments. In fact, behind the